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Home Markets Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund provides Indian Strength Trade to portfolio

Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund provides Indian Strength Trade to portfolio

Parag Parikh Very long Term Equity Fund, the top carrying out equity mutual fund plan has added Indian Power Trade (IEX) to its portfolio. The disclosure was created in the regular simple fact sheet for July. Parag Parikh Extensive Term Equity Fund is an open-ended multicap fund. It has specified the highest annualised SIP returns of 14.93% and 14.05% in the last 3 and 5 years. The scheme manages assets really worth ₹4,014 crore s on July 31. The scheme is managed by Rajeev Thakkar (equity), Raunak Onkar (overseas securities) and Raj Mehta (personal debt).

The plan has .66% of its assets in IEX, the recently included inventory. IEX is the first and premier strength trade in India offering a nationwide, automatic buying and selling system for actual physical delivery of energy, Renewable Energy Certificates and Energy Saving Certificates.
As on July 31, the plan has 27.19% of its portfolio in abroad stocks. The top five holdings of the plan are- Amazon (8.71%), Alphabet (7.52%), Persistent Methods (6.77%), ITC (6.03%) and HDFC Bank (5.88%).
The scheme invests 66.18% in Indian equities. The residual 6.63% is parked in TREPS and many others. & Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDR).
The top 10 equity holdings of Parag Parikh Extensive Term Equity Fund amount to 60.85% of the portfolio. These include four abroad listings.
Software, World wide web & Engineering and Financial institutions make up the top 3 sectors, comprising 42.56% of the portfolio.
3.73% of the scheme’s AUM is held by insiders.
The Portfolio Turnover (excluding arbitrage) was 4.17%.

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